Browser automation has made testing much simpler and pain-free, we no longer have to do repetitive tasks each release and instead, let our automated tests take care of it for us. 🙌

However, many organizations still have next to no test automation and are still spending countless hours testing the same application and test scenarios each week simply because they don't have "time"⏱️ for it.

With popular test automation frameworks out there, you can get started with Browser Automation in less than 30 mins. I've created a series of videos where I'll be walking you through step-by-step on how to get started with WebdriverIO.

WebdriverIO - Tutorial for Beginners

Here are some of the items we will be covering in this series -

🔷 Introduction to WebriverIO
🔷 Installation and Setup
🔷 Writing your first test
🔷 Assertion libraries (Expect and Chai)
🔷 Page Object Model
🔷 Creating and Optimizing your test framework
🔷 Reporting
🔷 Running tests on BrowserStack
🔷 Integrating tests with Jenkins
🔷 and many more...

Also, I will be uploading new content each week on various topics around test automation. Stay tuned!

So, take your first step and begin your test automation journey with me. 🙂